Red Dead Redemption 2 Multiplayer Leaves Beta

Red Dead Redemption 2 has had a multiplayer mode for a long time with the caveat being that the mode was in beta since launch. Red Dead Online has received multiple updates and patches along with new content since it launched in open beta last November. This week a big update will land that will move the online mode out of beta.

With the update and move from beta will come new story missions, Free roam activities, and more on PS4 and Xbox One. More content will land in the coming weeks. There will be different Land of Opportunites missions reports Gamespot.

Those missions are different depending on the side of the law the gamer falls on. Players on the Gunslinger path will fight the Del Lobos gang and help Marshall Davies save Valentine. Outlaws will have robberies and other things to get up to with Samson Finch.

Both paths end up with a rendezvous in Blackwater with a dangerous adversary. Several Free Roam missions have been added that include characters from the RDR2 main campaign. New poker events have been added along with Showdown mode and contests for fishing, bird shooting, and herb picking.