Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Looks Very Cool

I am all for more space simulation games. Since the last big update, I’ve found No Man’s Sky to be very cool, even if all I do is hop around planets upgrading and mining. A new space shooter has been announced and a trailer for the game launched. The shooter is Rebel Galaxy Outlaw reports Kotaku.

The game will come to PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in Early 2019. Sorry Xbox fans, it looks like you are out of luck at least for starters. The trailer for the game is at the bottom of the post.

The graphics for the game look a bit like a cartoon, and they look very cool. It reminds me more than a bit of the “Star Blazers” cartoon I loved growing up in animation style which is to say anime style.

The trailer promises a good spaceship combat simulation. I hope the game has the same cool look as the trailer.