Razer Project Hazel Is A Odd Face Mask

People worldwide are having to wear masks over their faces during the coronavirus pandemic to help protect themselves and others. While most people are happy with simple cloth masks or paper medical masks, some want something a little fancier. Razer has a new mask called Project Hazel that is a prototype design concept promising a high degree of safety and quality of life enhancements.

The mask is a surgical N95 respirator with a high bacterial filtration efficiency and high fluid resistance to protect against droplets and splashes. It has an attachable ventilator regulating airflow that’s able to filter 95 percent of airborne particles.

It has integrated LED lighting and charges inside a large charging case with a UV light to help kill bacteria and viruses on the mask. The design is clear and transparent, so the user’s face can be seen, and has lights that automatically come on in a low light environment so people can see your mouth.

It also has an integrated microphone amplifier to allow people you’re speaking to, to hear you clearly. Filters in the mask are replaceable, and it’s designed for daily use. It’s unclear if the concept product will come to market, but it’s strange and cool at the same time.