Rainbow Six Siege to get Outbreak Mode

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting something new and cool that gamers can enjoy in year three season one. Season One is called Operation Chimera and rather than getting a new map as you might expect with these new seasons, a new event called Outbreak is coming.

Outbreak is a co-op event focused on quarantine and biohazard. Both new operators, with one from France and the other from Russia, are “biohazard specialists.” The assumption is that this will be some sort of zombie-style event sort of like CoD zombies.

However, brand manager Alex Remy has said that Outbreak won’t be what players are expecting. Remy said, “With that special event, we are taking [the new operators] and a bunch of Rainbow Six in a four-week event that has really a twist on it. Expect something that you were not counting on.”

The special mode will only be around for four weeks of season one and then it’s gone. Season Two returns to normal form with a new map and two new operators. Season three will bring two more operators and a reworked map. Season four will bring two more operators and a new map. This content is free for Rainbow Six Siege owners reports PCGamer.