Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Coming Up

Ubisoft has some good news for gamers on the fence about Rainbow Six Siege. A free play weekend for Rainbow Six Siege is coming starting February 15. The free weekend covers all players on all platforms reports Playstationlifestyle.

That means free to play on your Xbox One, PS4, or PC. Sadly, that free weekend doesn’t start this weekend, so you will need to find other cool games to play. While announcing the free upcoming weekend of play, Ubisoft also announced that Operation Chimera will be available for all to play on March 6.

A free Outbreak event will also launch on March 6 with players facing some sort of unknown infection in a small New Mexico town. Two operatives that specialize in biohazard operations will be featured. Ubisoft is hoping that you will try the game on the free weekend and like it so much you buy it.

Ubisoft wrote, “Operation Chimera” will be available on TTS from February 19th and on all platforms on March 6th while “Outbreak” will be playable on PC on the second day of the Operation Chimera TTS, on February 20th. It will then be available on all platforms from March 6th to April 3rd inclusively.”