Radical Heights Dev Closes Doors

It’s been only a handful of days over a month since the new battle royale shooter Radical Heights launched. The developer of that game was Boss Key Productions, the same studio that made Lawbreakers. Studio co-founder Cliff Bleszinski has announced via Twitter that the studio is closing shop.

He said in the statement that Lawbreakers was a “great game” but that it had failed to gain traction. Radical Heights landed in early access on Steam and generated some interest, but the game was “too little, too late” according to Bleszinski.

Fans of Radical Heights might wonder what will happen to that game. The servers will remain up and running for the near future. How long exactly that might be we don’t know, but probably not long since the studio is defunct.

Bleszinski will certainly land somewhere else eventually, he has some serious games to his credit including “Gears of War” and “Unreal Tournament”. He says that for now, he will take some time off for family and to “reflect” reports Kotaku.