Qualcomm 215 Aims at Entry-Level Smartphone Segment

Qualcomm has launched a new smartphone platform that is aimed directly at the entry-level $100 smartphone segment. The platform is called Qualcomm 215, and it offers a 64-bit CPU, dual SIM, and dual VoLTE capability. The new platform marks the first 64-bit processor in the 200 series.

The platform also supports dual cameras, 19:9 displays, NFC for Android Pay, Quick Charge, and more. The 215 is powered by four Cortex A53 cores clocked at up to 1.3GHz for a 50% boost in performance compared to the Snapdragon 212 reports Android Central.

The new SoC uses an Adreno 308 GPU with 28% better performance from the previous generation chip. Since the Qualcomm 215 is based on old 28nm node technology, it won’t be as power efficient as higher-end chipsets.

That means you won’t get the same sort of battery life, but massive battery life can’t be expected on a $100 smartphone. The chipset supports a single 13MP camera or dual 8MP offerings and 1080p video. Support for up to 3GB of RAM, eMMC 4.5 storage, and GPS/GLONASS is integrated.