Purple Glow Skull Trooper Skin Hits Fortnite

One of the skins that is most coveted by Fortnite players is the Skull Trooper skin. This was a limited-edition skin that was offered long ago and was rare. That rare skull trooper skin has now returned to the Fortnite store for people to buy and owners of the once rare original are not happy.

To give a bit of exclusivity back to those Fortnite gamers, owners of the original skin are being given a new variant of it. The Purple Glow Skull Trooper is an exclusive for those who owned the original skin before it returned to the game reports Fortniteintel.

The purple skin is alongside the white and black versions that are available. People are very upset at having the rarity of their skins taken down a bit. The skull trooper skin will be everywhere in the game after its return.

Better news in the Fortnite realm of late is that crossplay is finally coming thanks to Sony finally giving up on keeping gamers segregated. This means soon you will be able to frag friends on the PS4 while playing on your Xbox. PC gamers are still to be segregated because of the mouse and keyboard superiority.