PUBG Streamer “Shroud” Handed 30 Day Ban for Playing with Hacker

PUBG is very serious about not using hacking tools and tactics to get ahead in the game. During a recent livestream a popular PUBG streamer called Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek ran across a hacker in a flying car and played with that hacker. For that play, he was handed a 30-day ban that came after the PUBG community was wondering if the popular streamer would be disciplined.

Kotaku notes that after being handed a 30-day ban, Shroud logged back into the game and purchased ranks in the Sanhok event pass but didn’t try and play a match. As for any official word from PUBG Corp, it declined to comment.

PUBG Corp told Kotaku, “We do not publicly disclose/discuss individual player penalties. We encourage all players to refer to our posted PUBG Rules of Conduct, here.”

Shroud streamed a clip of him flying in the car with the hacker and exiting that car to kill another player hiding inside a building. The player location was apparently given to Shroud by the hacker he was playing with. Reports also indicate that Shroud silenced the hacker when that hacker stated that he sells cheats for a living.