PUBG Patch Improves PC Version with Bug Fixes

The PC version of PUBG has a new patch that has launched that gives needed updates to the game. The patch for PC gamers follows on the heels of another patch of the Xbox One version of the game that landed earlier this week.

The PC update includes a client optimization fix aimed at improving online performance when there are a large number of players in a single area reports Dualshockers. That should mean less lag when you are in the middle of a big firefight in the game.

Another of the fixes that the patch brings is for an issue where characters were being “instantly stopped and adjusted” in the game. Another fix remedies character movement being off during replays. These fixes will be welcome by the gaming masses.

Those fixes seem small but will make a big difference to some gamers who have been annoyed at the issues. The patch isn’t as good as an update that brings in new weapons or maps, but getting rid of annoying issues is always welcome.