PUBG: New State Lands For Mobile Gamers

Fans of the battle royale game PUBG have a new game heading to mobile platforms in the franchise to enjoy. The new game is called PUBG: New State, and it’s under development by PUBG Studios. The game trailer shows a typical PUBG fair with gun battles, vehicle chases, and other things you expect from the franchise tossed in the mix.

The setting for the game looks a bit more futuristic than the original version. That would make sense considering PUBG: New State is set in 2051. Players of the game will drop into a map called TROI with new vehicles, weapons, and equipment along with new areas to explore.

The game also brings new features players will appreciate, including drones, shields, new weapon customizations, and combat rolls. The new weapon customizations will be particularly appreciated with the ability to add things like fire-mode selectors or grenade launchers.

PUBG: New State launches for Android and iOS devices sometime this year. No specific launch date has been announced.