PUBG Mobile Now Supports 90 FPS Gameplay

Fans of PUBG Mobile will be glad to hear that the game now supports 90 FPS frame rates. The caveat is that the new 90 FPS feature is exclusive to OnePlus smartphones for now. According to OnePlus, a higher frame rate will be supported on its 8 series, 7T series, and 7 Pro.

The higher frame rate was supported on the devices as of yesterday. OnePlus has an exclusive on the higher frame rate through September 6. However, the higher frame rates aren’t exclusive in China, Japan, or Korea. The game publisher and OnePlus says the higher frame rates will make a difference for players when they are running, panning, using the scope, and looking for other players at a distance.

Qualcomm confirmed in the past the Snapdragon 865 chipset would support the higher frame rate. It is rather odd that the latest device from OnePlus, the Nord doesn’t support 90 Hz despite having a capable screen. The reason is presumably a chipset limitation for that smartphone.

The main competitor to PUBG, Fortnite, has supported 90 FPS on Android devices for a while now. PUBG is now catching up, and higher frame rates for mobile devices will spread.