PUBG Hits 4 Million Xbox Players in Two Months

PUBG is still marching into the record books and shows no signs of slowing down. The game was a massive hit on the PC breaking all sorts of records on Steam and selling 28 million copies. With the launch on the Xbox One console, PUBG has continued to be very popular.

PUBG has already picked up 4 million players on the Xbox One along in only two months. That makes it the best selling single-platform titles on the Xbox One. It only took a few weeks for the game to go from 3 million players on the Xbox One to having 4 million players.

PUBG wants to give something to the players that helped it to reach the 4 million number. All who own a copy of the game and log in before January 31 on Xbox One will get 30,000 Battle Points to spend on gear. It’s worth noting that PUBG hasn’t moved 4 million copies of the game on Xbox because multiple players can use one copy of the game reports CinemaBlend.

PUBG does have over 28 million owners of the game on PC and the number is confirmed by Steam Spy. That number could be off a bit but is thought to be fairly accurate. Xbox has been accused of having no quality exclusive games, but it looks as if Microsoft did well landing PUBG as an exclusive.