PUBG Corp Files Suit Against Copycat Mobile Games

PUBG was mad when Fortnite landed because the game was a lot like PUBG. Surprisingly it left that game alone with no suits. The only real attacks that happened were tweets accusing Fortnite of copying. PUBG feels different on mobile and has finally filed suit against some of the mobile copycat games.

The game that changed PUBG Corp’s mind on suing is Chinese game publisher NetEase’s mobile title’s That company makes a game called Rules of Survival and one called Knives Out. The suit was filed in the Norther California US District Court.

If you are wondering how similar the games are, the image above is a comparison of graphics between the two titles. Both have 100 people parachuting onto an island. Both have a constantly shrinking safe zone, a set of weapons and armor, and island-crossing vehicles.

The games were on iOS before PUBG and drew lots of comparisons and had people saying they were PUBG on iPhone. PUBG Corp has appealed to Apple to pull these games off the App Store. NetEase is denying that its games infringe on any copyrights reports Ars Technica.