PUBG 2 Is Expected By 2022

One of the first Battle Royale games to hit the market, grabbing huge numbers of players, was PUBG. The game has faded as other competition, notably Fortnite, has become incredibly popular. Fans of PUBG will be glad to hear that rumors suggest a sequel is coming, with PUBG 2 expected to arrive by 2022.

The rumor suggests the game will be available for both PC and console gamers. It’s worth noting that the rumor suggests PUBG 2 is a completely different game than PUBG: New State announced for mobile devices last week. The source of the leak is a well-known PUBG player called PlayerIGN.

He claims that New State will stay on mobile devices and isn’t expected to connect with any other versions of PUBG available now. Where exactly the player is getting his information is a mystery.

The leak has no information on what PUBG 2 might feature as far as gameplay or what era it will be set in. New State is set in the near future of 2051.