PS4 Remote Play Finally Lands for iPhone and iPad

The latest update for the PS4 game console has added a new feature that fans of Apple gadgets have been asking for. The update brings a way to sync iPhones and iPads to the console giving support for the PS4 Remote Play app. That remote play app has been around since 2014, so five years later iOS fans gain support.

The first step to taking advantage of the support is to update your PS4 console. Controls for iOS devices are overlayed onto the screen. Most mobile gamers don’t care for on-screen controls and go with a controller paired with the smartphone.

The catch is that PS4 controllers aren’t supported by iOS devices. Support for third-party controllers on the iPhone is the ticket to playing with a controller while on the go.

The PS4 Remote Play app for iOS is on the App Store right now reports Engadget. It’s a free app compared to similar apps that allow remote play costing as much as $12.