PS4 Pro Price Cut in Japan

The PS4 Pro has been on the market for a while now and normally after being available for a time, pricing will start to come down. This price reduction is happening in Japan right now. The official Japanese PlayStation website has announced that starting October 12 the PS4 Pro will see pricing cut from 44,980 yen to 39,980 yen.

That price reduction is about $50 here in the States, but the amount might not exchange evenly. For now, there is no word on if the US will see a similar price reduction on the PS4 Pro. In Japan, the price reduction is also being reflected in the pricing of console bundles.

Another nice tidbit is that at least in Japan, the previously limited edition white PS4 Pro is becoming a standard offering. That white console will come in standard storage capacity.

We are hoping that the price cut will be made in the US as well. If so that would move the price of the console to around $350. With the holidays coming, you can bet special pricing will be offered during Black Friday.