PS4 Cross-Play Leaves Beta

Gamers have long wanted to be able to play their friends no matter if those friends were on an Xbox, PS4, or PC in the same title. Microsoft was on board, but Sony dragged its feet. Sony has announced that PS4 cross-play has exited beta and is now a feature for developers to enjoy.

It’s a bit weird considering how long gamers have wanted this feature that reports indicating no official announcement has been made that the feature exited beta. IGN figures that the most likely game to support PS4 cross-play first is CoD: Modern Warfare launching later this month.

In beta testing the games that supported PS4 cross-play included Fortnite and Rocket League. Cross-play will be very important for gamers moving into the future. Sony has promised it won’t be complacent when the PS5 rolls out.

The PS4 was the dominant console of the current generation, and Sony wants to maintain that. Perhaps its slow pace in allowing cross-play was in part due to its fear of losing sales to Microsoft and others in the next generation of consoles.