Prison Escape Stealth Game “A Way Out” Launches Today

EA has shown off a new game that launches today with a trailer you can watch below. The game is called “A Way Out” and it’s a stealth adventure from Hazelight Studio. The game is directed by Josef Fares and will put two players into the shoes of convicts Vince and Leo.

Those two prisoners decide to break out of jail. The game requires two players, either local co-op or online. You can’t play it alone so if you are a solitary gamer, this isn’t the game for you. The goal is to get your characters out of their cells, to the prison walls, and scale them.

The game promises cutscenes and dialog to drive the story along. It looks like a pretty cool game even if it is sort of a bummer that you can’t play the game with an AI partner for folks with slow connections to enjoy.

“A Way Out” will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One today reports Destructoid. The trailer for the game is below.