Principled Technologies Apologizes For Test Settings in 9900K Report

Principled Technologies (PT) has just published more testing data and a statement. It feels a little out that this is being released at 9:45pm ET on a Friday night and heading into the weekend, but that is how it is being handled. You can read Principled Technologies’ new statement here. You can also find Principled Technologies interim report with the latest results here. The original report can be found here. PT has completed additional testing and of course still shows the 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K is the fastest gaming processor around.

Intel requested that we test several CPUs to compare game performance. We tested various generations of Intel and AMD processors as listed in our original report. Based on community feedback, we have done additional testing. 

Specific to AMD CPUs, we started the testing on Game Mode for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. Those results did indeed show Game Mode overall yielded the best gaming performance on Threadripper. For consistency, we then used Game Mode on all of the AMD processors. We have now added results from our testing of the AMD Ryzen 2700X in its default mode (i.e., Creator Mode) as well. That mode overall yielded the best gaming performance on the 2700X. We apologize for not testing both modes in the initial report. 

The new testing shows that the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X went from 104 FPS to 113 FPS in Far Cry 5. They were showing the 9900K was 30.8% faster, but with the new testing that performance gap has been reduced to 19.5%. In other game titles like PUBG the performance gap went from 12% down to just 5%. So, it’s clear that the configuration setting that

Intel also e-mailed over a statement about the updated results and that is shown below.

“Given the feedback from the tech community, we are pleased that Principled Technologies ran additional tests. They’ve now published these results along with even more detail on the configurations used and the rationale. The results continue to show that the 9th Gen Intel® CoreTM i9-9900K is the world’s best gaming processor. We are thankful for Principled Technologies’ time and transparency throughout this process.  We always appreciate feedback from the tech community and are looking forward to comprehensive third party reviews coming out on October 19.”   – Intel spokesperson