Principled Tech Responds To Concerns About Benchmarks in Core i9-9900K Testing Report

Principled Technologies (PT) has released a statement that covers some of the concerns people are having with their recent PC gaming processor study. The test was commissioned by Intel and showed the performance of 19 popular game titles on eight different platforms. The results of the study were concerning to many in the enthusiast community as AMD Ryzen performance looked unusually low. It turns out that PT ran the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processor with the stock Wraith Prism CPU cooler, gimping it my running it in Game Mode with the AMD Ryzen Master Utility and then possibly not setting up the memory timings properly. All of the other systems in the testing were cooled by Noctua NH-U14S (not sure exactly how that worked on Threadripper), so many are thinking the 2700X might have not had a fair shake.

Principled Technologies

The statement released from PT this morning basically acknowledges many of the concerns that the community has and says that they are doing additional testing. We can’t wait to see the finding and hope that they will be released this week. The original testing was done in just one day, so changing the heatsink, performance mode and memory timings on one system shouldn’t be a big deal!

We look forward to seeing the updated testing results from PT and we think that they are going to see some differences. We charted some of their results (above) and they were getting better gaming performance on Threadripper 2990WX than the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X. Our own test results (below) show that the 2700X has an average FPS that is 7 FPS higher than the 2990WX. They are getting a median of 7 FPS lower!