Pokemon Card Worth $60,000 Lost in the Mail

Some of the Pokemon game trading cards can be worth big money. One such card is a very rare card called Trainer No. 3 that was given out at a “Secret Super Battle” in Japan in 19999 to third-place finishers at the event. We can’t help but wonder what the first and second place received.

The card is so rare it was worth $60,000 and was apparently to be sold recently. The card was insured for $50,000 and mailed to the Global Shipping Program center in New York City. After the card was signed for there, it disappeared reports Kotaku.

Speculation is that someone at the mail facility noticed how much the package was insured for and stole it. The person who owns the card has put up a $1,000 reward for information about the card. The owner also has a warning to the thief or anyone who finds the card.

The rarity of the card essentially makes it unsellable. Any card of the sort that turns up for sale will attract the attention of the people who know what it is and who legally own it.