PNY goes high end with an XLR8 2GB 800MHz CL3 Memory Kit

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PNY XLR8 PC2 6400 CAS 3

What we’ve seen is that there is not a huge performance difference between the two kits of memory based on the normal timings. However, where this memory really shines is how cool it runs and the ultra low 3-3-3-8 timings we achieved. Most other kits of memory get warm during heavy operation at this voltage but in my testing, they always ran cool even when pushed to the max. Obviously this is unscientific but they were cool to the touch during all tests, I never felt that running 2.3v through them was overheating them in any way and have no fear of running them at this voltage for a 24/7 machine. Even more impressive is that I don’t need a fan running over the top of the memory to keep them this cool. How many other kits out there would you feel safe running this way? For some folks like me this is a big piece of mind. When you have other concerns in your life and can’t or don’t want to spend an hour a day tweaking your PC it’s hard to argue against the CAS 3 6400 XLR8 from PNY. I have yet to see one issue of instability even with my non-EPP Intel 965 motherboard, I simply set the voltage, input the timings, and I was off and running.

The only problem that I have with this particular kit of memory is the price. The least expensive price I could find online was $315 from Tiger Direct. Compared to 6 months ago this price is a steal for CAS 3 DDR2 800MHz but you can get PNY’s XLR8 4-4-4-12 800MHz kit for less than half the price at $149. So for the price of the CAS 3, 2GB kit you could have 4GB of the CAS 4, which in may be a better deal for some. You should really keep in mind that this memory is the elite memory kit from PNY and is a great deal for CAS 3 memory. It’s an ambitious move that I applaud PNY for as there are very few companies offering CAS 3 options at 800MHz and even fewer at this price. The fact that these stick were capable of 3-3-3-8 and remained cool and stable for all testing at those speeds(and subsequent writing of this review) was the icing on the cake!

Legit Bottom Line: PNY has released an enthusiast product worthy of the title buy it now! For the price it’s a top end kit of 2GB memory that’s hard to beat!

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