PlayStation Downloads are One of the Biggest Internet Traffic Hogs


We all know that some services consume more of the global internet bandwidth than others. It’s not hard to assume that streaming giants like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video slurp lots of internet capacity globally. What might surprise you is just how much of that global traffic PlayStation downloads generate.

Netflix makes up 15% of overall global internet traffic with YouTube in second place at 11.4%. Prime Video accounts for 3.7% of internet traffic, and surprisingly PlayStation downloads make up 2.7% of global internet traffic reports Comicbook.

With millions of PS4 consoles sold, that might not be a surprise to some. Another interesting fact from the Statista report on internet traffic is that a full 34.9% is listed as “other” services. We have no idea what those other services are, but you can bet a large part of it is “private time” related.

PlayStation downloads is very near the amount of internet traffic generated by http web browsing. And not far off Prime Video and http download in traffic generated. Xbox traffic isn’t broken out in the report and would be part of that “others” category.