PlayStation 5 Might Not Land Until 2020

Rumors have been flying recently about the PlayStation 5 with one of the rumors claiming that it was landing this year. Kotaku has some information that claims that a new PS5 this year isn’t likely to happen. Its sources claim that the PS5 is a long way off and the soonest it will land is 2020.

Its about time for a new PlayStation, it has been five years now since the PS4 and Xbox One launched. Prior to that, it took seven years for the PS4 to replace the PS3 and eight years for the Xbox One to replace the Xbox 360. Kotaku says it has spoken with dozens of game developers from different studios about what’s next for consoles.

Most of the developers said that there had been no talk about a new console. Devs from first-party Sony consoles say they haven’t been briefed on the existence of the PS5. Some of the devs are working at games set to launch in 2019 or later, and they claim no talk of a new PlayStation has been had.

The original rumor of the console coming out this year said that lots of PS5 dev kits had been sent out. Kotaku notes that one developer laughed about that rumor claiming that the console would already need to be in production to launch this year stating that if it did launch lots of people working on games would be very surprised. You can’t have a new console launch without some games that launch along with it.