PlayStation 5 Firmware Update Is Now Available

Sony has rolled out another firmware update for the PlayStation 5 to bring the system to version 20.02-02.26-00. This firmware update comes after a previous version launched last week. Last week’s update promised to improve the system performance but didn’t specify any fixes.

This week’s firmware update follows the same path giving no real information on what it’s changing other than promising to improve system performance. The patch notes only say, “This system software update improves system performance.”

The update is 886 megabytes. PlayStation 5 users hope it will address some of the known issues causing crashes for some players. Last week’s update did fix some of the lingering issues but didn’t address them all.

Hopefully, by the time most of us can get our hands on the PlayStation 5, all of the issues will have been sorted out. Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 is sold out globally. That means your only real chance of getting one is to pay exorbitant markups via scalpers.