Pepcom Digital Experience 2013 Show Coverage

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ViewSonic 4K, Tech21 Cases

ViewSonic 4K Monitor:

One of the most exciting and new things in televisions and displays is 4K resolution or ultra high definition as it’s commonly referred to. While the images look fantastic they are currently very expensive and outside of cost, there’s very little content available on the television side of things. For a computer monitor, that changes as it’s much easier to use the resolution to its fullest off of a PC and photo editing on one of these babies will surely be a interesting experience.

Pepcom Digital Experience

While the 32″ VP3280 monitor above that ViewSonic was displaying is not yet available, they expect to have it available sometime early this year. The roadblock at this point is being able to offer them at a price point that won’t give consumers sticker shock. Nevertheless, the display was pretty amazing and we can’t wait to get our hands on one to play with!

Tech21 Impactology Cases – Impact Shield and Explorer:

A booth display that grabbed our attention with what looked like a vat of orange goo turned out to be a chemical concoction designed for impact resistance inserted in to mobile device cases, which Tech21 terms Impactology. This is made of D3O Impact Material which is a composed of a non-Newtonian polymer with an intelligent molecular structure. For most applications, the molecules flow freely, but instantly upon shock or impact they lock together . This absorbs the impact and spreads it evenly across the surface of the material making it a great solution to protect electronics and even more valuable assets. As an example, various military have adopted the technology to increase impact protection for the soldiers.

The Impact Shield cases will go on sale in the first quarter and will run roughly $35 depending on the model phone they fit – which is a decent variety. The Explorer case is waterproof up to 2.5 meters and will also be on sale in the first quarter with an MSRP of roughly $100.

Pepcom Digital Experience

The show was well attended!

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