Pentium4 1066MHz Bus : Introduction / Testbed


“We only see an increase of 4-9% in scores on the 1066MHz bus compared to the 800MHz bus and considering the fact that the CPU is running about 320MHz higher (or 9% faster), the scores are definitely not impressive. Intel will definitely need to do more than just increase the system bus to compete with the Athlon64 as far as gaming is concerned as the Athlon64 4000+ runs at 2.4GHz- a whopping 1.3GHz less than the P4 and yet manages to come above in every single benchmark.

From what we know, there are two CPUs coming up with the 1066MHz bus- the 3.46GHz version and the 3.73GHz version with the latter featuring a 2MB core. We’ll find out soon what tricks Intel has up its sleeve in the next couple of weeks when they launch these new CPUs along with Gelnwood/Lakeport chipsets and we’re really hoping that we see numbers better than the ones we produced.”

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