PC Gamers Will Get To Play Neo: The World Ends

It’s always frustrating when an interesting game launches for game consoles but doesn’t come to the PC. Square Enix has been talking up a videogame called Neo: The World Ends, a sequel to a 2007 game called The World Ends that launched for the Nintendo DS. Neo: The World Ends will also be coming for PC gamers to play after being initially confirmed for the Switch and PlayStation 4 only.

Neo: The World Ends will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store, and while that might frustrate some, most gamers will be glad to be able to get the game at all. Neo sees odd gangs take part in supernatural competitions in the Tokyo Shibuya district.

The game will land on the PC sometime this summer on Epic Games Store. The PlayStation 4 and Switch versions of the game will launch on July 27. The assumption is the PC version will come sometime around that date.

The game has a strange cartoonish look to it that is very much like anime. The game can be preordered now for game consoles in digital or physical versions.