Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Starts February 8

Blizzard will be having an event in Overwatch to celebrate Lunar New Year. This will be the second annual Lunar New Year campaign and will kick off on February 8. With 2018 being Year of the Dog on the Chinese Zodiac chances are that the event will reference the dog in the exclusive gameplay mode.

Last year the event was for Year of the Rooster and it brought with it a Capture the Rooster mode. This had a battle on Lijiang Tower and there was a rooster on the flag objective. So far Blizzard hasn’t confirmed that the timed game mode will return reports Polygon.

The event last year also saw characters with skins that were based on the tale “Journey to the West” along with skins that were based around Lunar New Year. Presumably, something similar will happen with the new event as well.

So far, all that Blizzard has confirmed for the game is that the special event will kick off on February 8. Overwatch continues to be one of the most popular shooters out there.