Overwatch League Fines and Suspends Player for Slur during Stream

If you have ever played an online game, you know that there are plenty of people that say some outlandish and inappropriate things during their gameplay. After a recent Overwatch League match one of the players said something to another player, who is reportedly openly gay, that ended up in a fine and a suspension from his team.

The player that said the slur is called Felix Lengyel and he plays for the Dallas Fuel and goes by xQc. The league fined xQc $2,000 and then suspended the player for four games. Dallas Fuel then added in its own suspension that will see xQc out of league play for the remainder of stage 1, which is until February 10.

The league plays a quartet of five-week stages for a total of 40 matches during the season. Reports indicate that the homophobic slur was directed at another openly gay player who plays for the Houston Outlaws. The Outlaws swept Dallas 4-0 during recent league play reports Polygon.

Lengyel didn’t play in the match. The player the slur was used against is Austin Wilmot (who goes by Muma) who is said to have parodied a catchphrase that Lengyel uses resulting in Lengyel using the slur in a live stream post-match. Lengyel reportedly said, “Shut your fu**ing mouth. Go back there. Suck a fat c**k. I mean, you would like it.”