Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 Underway Now

Overwatch kicked off its annual Halloween Terror event on October 13. The event is set to end on November 3. The event will bring new Legendary and Epic skins for player characters. One of the legendary skins for D.Va gives her a spooky look complete with what appear to be bat ears and gives her mech haunted house style.

Flying Dutchman Sigma gets dressed up to look like a pirate, a perennial favorite Halloween costume. Werewolf Winston is another available skin that keeps Winston in ape form but makes him look more like a werewolf.

Three events are happening during the Halloween Terror 2020 event. Bridget, Echo, and Sombra are the focus for this year’s event, with Bridget having the appearance of a gargoyle, Echo looking like a voodoo doll, and Sombra tricked out like a computer virus.

Junkenstein’s Revenge returns for 2020 in the form of a brawl that allows four players to work together to stop zombies from getting past the gates of Aldersbrunn Castle. The event is available on PC and consoles and can be enjoyed now.