Ouya Game Console Dies June 25

If you purchased the Ouya game console way back in the day and still use it, Razer has some bad news for you. The console will be shut down next month on June 25. After that date, the console will be worthless.

Players still using the Ouya won’t be able to access their accounts or play games they previously purchased reports CNET. Any games that have been downloaded will be playable, so if you have something, you like to play, download it now.

Razer points out that if you have funds in your account, you will want to use them before shutdown as they have no cash value. In other words, no refunds will be given. Razer bought Ouya in 2015 and folded it into its Forge TV console.

Razer will also shut down Forge TV service next month. Ouya and Forge TV never really took off, but there are sure to be some gamers out there unhappy with this decision.