OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System

OtterBox is one of the most popular makers of cases for smartphones in the country. The company has announced a new product that is aimed at keeping your smartphone charged and working while you are on the go. The OtterSpot charging base can charge multiple OtterSpot batteries that can be stacked for charging on the charger base.

Each battery has 5,000 mAh of power and up to 10-watt wireless charge speeds. The battery can also charge the smartphone and itself at the same time when hooked to a cable via USB-C.

The wireless charging supports any Qi-enabled devices and means you don’t have to bother with cords. The OtterSpot Wireless charging System starts at $129.95 and comes with the base and one OtterSpot wireless battery.

Additional batteries and charging bases can be purchased for extending the device for $69.95 each. The system isn’t cheap, but it may be worth it for people who are on the go a lot.