OPSEAT Master PC Gaming Chair Review


Are you a professional that spends a lot of time in a chair? Do you often suffer from back pain while or after sitting for a long time? Well do I have a solution for you – The OPSEAT Gaming Chair.

OPSEAT (website) was founded by two gaming entrepreneurs, Seth and John, whose long involvement in competitive gaming identified a need. That need was that there was nothing consider truly OP in the eSports furniture area of the gaming industry market. Together, they designed and created an awesome pair of gaming chairs that outperforms others at a more affordable price.

  • Highest quality components and materials.
  • Color options to compliment any setup.
  • Factory direct savings.
  • Full coverage 2-year warranty and with live support.
  • Unmatched comfort for long sessions.

With the rise of professions such as streaming sites, YouTube, Vlogging, and other related computer-based careers, more people are turning to their computers to make money. More people are doing something that their bodies are not really designed to do which is sitting for long periods of time. Thats where a high-quality Ergonomic/Gaming chair can really help reduce the consequences of sitting for long periods of time. They can reduce back pain and discomfort. However, they dont eliminate the consequences of sitting a lot but reduce the effects. Even with a gaming chair, you will still need to make good habits of getting up often to help your body fight off the health issues that come with sitting for a long time.

OPSeat Master PC Gaming Chair Color Choices

OPSEAT Gaming chairs are a top leader in the industry when it comes to the manufacturing of gaming chairs. If youre in the market for a gaming chair that is both comfortable and modern designed without breaking the bank, then I highly recommend looking at the OPSEAT lineup. Don’t for a second think that because OPSEAT chairs are cheaper than their competitors that these fine pieces of craftsmanship are are crap, because to be quite honest…I can’t figure out why the competitors are charging so much more. They offer all the same features as other but at a more reasonable price. OPSET offers two models in their line up when it comes to gaming chairs, the Master with a retail price of $199.99 shipped and the Grandmaster with a retail price of $249.99 shipped. Those are $50 off sale prices that end on 12/31/2019. Both models are available in 11 different colors, so you should be able to find a color that works for you. Both chairs quite similar in size and weight. They both weigh 52lbs and have a 30 inch by 30 inch profile.

OPSEAT Master versus Grandmaster:

The Master has a traditional racing seat design and wings to fit players who prefer to fill more secured into position and caters to more of a narrowed body type. The Grandmaster has wider open seat design for players who need a little extra width in the seat or prefer to sit cross legged. The Grandmaster has 6 inches more of sitting width, and is more of a open wing pattern and has more cold molded foam. They are otherwise the same dimensions. Grandmaster is more for people that like to sit cross-legged or have a broader frame. Both chairs can suit anyone comfortably from 5’2” all the way to 6’5” and upto 300lbs.

OPSEAT Master PC Gaming Chair Impression

The chair that I will be reviewing is the OPSEAT Master in light blue. When the box arrived, I was quite intrigued how large the box was. My first thoughts of that was that this chair must be massive. To my surprise, the chair wasnt massive at all. In fact, the box was large because the amount of padding that they use ensure safe shipment of the chair which is awesome if I may say. Ive had more expensive chairs with come with less shipping protection than what OPSEAT provided.

OPSEAT Master Retail Box

OPSEAT Master Retail Packaging

The features that come with this chair, is impressive to say the least. This chair is absolutely packed with features given its price point. The 180-degree reclining backrest is a very nice feature to have. I love being able to kick my feet up on my desk while I binge watch videos on my computer. However, I dont recommend reclining back to the full 180-degrees as it can be quite unstable for any desk chair due to physics. I would only go to about 135-degrees to ensure stability.


  • Bucket-style bottom and back
  • 4-Dimensional Arm Rests
  • Height Adjustable
  • Full 180-degree Reclining Back
  • 12 Degree Multi-Tilt Mechanism
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Base supporting 300 pounds
  • Dual Adjustable Memory Foam Ergonomic Pillows for both lumbar and headrest support
  • Color Accent Stitching
  • Breathable Perforated PU Leather
  • Free Shipping

OPSEAT MASTER Specifications

  • Type: Gaming Chair
  • Color: Light Blue and Black
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Height: 44 47 inches
  • Width: 25 inches
  • Material: Metal Frame, Synthetic Leather

OPSEAT Master PC Gaming Chair Parts

OPSEAT Master PC Gaming Chair Assembly

When it comes to assembly, the chair was very easy to assembly due to the instructions provided and comes with the only tool you need to assemble the chair of which is simply just an Allen key. However, keep in mind that when assembling the chair, the screws will make a clicking sound because of the lock-washers, this does not mean that the screw is fully tightened. Youll need to tighten the screws a little more to ensure that theyre completely tight to ensure that they dont loosen over time. I was able to assemble the chair by myself without the need for help which was ideal because not everyone will have the option to have somebody help them assemble a furniture piece. I was able to assemble the chair in about 20 minutes; it might take others a little more time. The casters simply snap into the base with ease and didnt require a lot of force to get them in.

OPSEAT Master Full view

The only struggle I had was getting the backrest to remain still while I fastened the screws in the side-frame. They provide a nice cover for the screws that are used on each side of the backrest which is awesome because nobody likes exposed screws or bolts on furniture. When it comes to the quality of this chair, I was very impressed in comparison to other ergonomic chairs that are available. All the components are of high-quality plastics and metals. I believe the chair will be able to last a long time without the need for special maintenance.

OPSEAT Master PC Gaming Chair Final Thought

Ive been using my OPSEAT Master chair for 3 weeks and Im am really impressed with it. Ive always thought that these chairs were nothing more than a marketing gimmick. However, I am surprised with how comfortable the OPSEAT Master is in comparison with other chairs aimed towards ergonomic seating. The seat fills firm but comfortable as well. I also quite enjoy the memory foam lumbar pillow that comes with the chair. However, some people may not like the lumbar pillow if they suffer from lower back injuries. Thats the great thing about this chair and its pillows, theyre quickly removable and adjustable. The straps for the pillows allow for them to be adjusted to find exactly the level of comfort for any user. Overtime, once the materials have been broken in, I believe the chair will become even more comfortable. At first, the chair does seem quite firm, but this can be found with any furniture piece. I have not had a single instance of me complaining that Im uncomfortable or in discomfort while or after sitting in the OPSEAT Master. I look forward to coming home to be able sit in the OPSEAT Master.

When it comes to the adjustments department, this chair has this in the bag. It has every adjustment option you can think of. You can adjust everything on this chair, the backrest, armrest, height, lumbar, headrest, recline and tilting resistance. The racing style seat keeps you sitting in a proper sitting position for hours without ever needing to readjust yourself because you slip or slouch. The build quality of this chair is excellent to say the least. The materials look and feel like they belong on a more expensive chair but theyre on this inexpensive gaming chair ($199.99 shipped) and thats great! The plastics for the armrest do feel quite flexible, but not in a cheap way. I believe this to be on purpose to help prevent them from being broken by the chair getting knocked over or smashed during odd purposes such as if youre moving to a new house or you have a full on rage movement during an intense gaming session. The only thing that keeps it from getting a perfect score is the lumbar support support could be better and it would be nice to have mode than 3-inches for height adjustment.

If youre looking at purchasing a new desk chair for your office or home, I highly recommend that you consider OPSEAT Master for its quality, comfort, design, and price.

LR Recommended Award