OCZ EL DDR PC-4200 Dual Channel Preview




SiSoft Sandra Memory Bandwidth – Unbuffered

Results: There are some pretty good numbers here. And though it is not a great increase in FSB, we see a nice increase as we go from 267 to 280 fsb. Once again, this is where we should mention that these are single-sided dimms. These scores here are representative of that. For comparison sake, at 280 fsb and the same timings with our OCZ 4000 EL, which are double-sided dimms, I got a Sandra score of 3584/3602 and an Aida score of 6466/2462. Clearly this shows the advantage of using double-sided dimms with the Intel 865/875 chipsets.

3DMark 2001 SE Build 330

UT 2003 Demo Benchmark

Results: These scores are very nice. And remember, there is no overclocking on the video card! These numbers stack up pretty close to the numbers we got on our OCZ 4000 EL. The 3dMark 2001 scores are a little higher with the new OCZ 4200 Performance dimms, but we attribute this slight increase in scores to the different series of Catalyst drivers that we were using. You can see the OCZ 4000EL results again here.


The Beta pair of memory we received looks to be a step forward for OCZ! We were very happy to see that it passed Memtest86 when run at default timings (We have had some PC-4000 that has not). It is guaranteed to run at 533MHz DDR at timings of 3-4-4-8 and if it does not OCZ will be happy to change it out if the memory is at fault. Although the memory we looked at was Beta memory that does not accurately represent what is hitting retail shelves we were happy to hit 560MHz DDR with the PC-4200 memory! This is almost PC-4500 performance and past the point at which most processors will run 1:1 ratios! It’s not a secret that memory manufacturers build a little headroom over their advertised pecifications into their modules, but if the modules released are anything close to these samples they will satisfy the most extreme overclockers with ease. If you are looking for ram that is guaranteed to run this fast this may be just what you are looking for!

Now, it should also be remembered that this ram also has the ability to run at fairly tight timings, which is not something that all high speed memory is able to do. That is a huge plus and something that should be taken into consideration when making your purchases.

All in all, this ram was an awesome performer, and highly recommended if the retail versions are similar!

For more information on OCZ and their product lines, visit their website.

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