Oculus Quest VR headset Delayed Due to Coronavirus

One of the most popular virtual reality headsets is the Oculus Quest by Facebook. The headset was difficult to find last Christmas, with many gamers told the headset was backordered until February. February is here, and anyone wondering where the stock of Oculus Quest headsets is can blame the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China.

Many Chinese manufacturing facilities have been closed for an extended period due to the coronavirus that has infected thousands and thousands of people in the country and led to hundreds of deaths. Production manager for Facebook, Sean Liu, has said that the coronavirus has “been a wrinkle all companies” are facing.

As of now, no one is taking orders for the Oculus Quest. It can’t be ordered on Facebook, Amazon, or at Best Buy. Anyone who wants a Quest right now and doesn’t want to wait for production issues to be sorted out will have to turn to eBay or other resellers where scalpers are trying to flip the normally $400 headsets for $700 or more reports USA Today.

We wonder how the poor availability for popular VR headsets will affect the launch of Half-Life: Alyx, which is the game many people are trying to secure a headset to play. We think that the poor availability of required hardware would lead to weak sales of the game, but time will tell.