NVIDIA Watches Cryptocurrency GPU Demand Drop – Turing GPU Mass Production in Q3

The cryptocurrency market has had a pretty tumultuous past few months and it appears that it might be production of desktop graphics cards now. Bitcoin has fallen over 60% from its all-time high in December 2017 and the entire alt coin market hasn’t done much better. Over just the past 30 days Ethereum is down nearly 20% and shows pretty strong resistance around $650, but the price drop has left the cryptocurrency mining industry looking at lower profits.

Ethereum Price Drop

GPU makers are reportedly already seeing a slowdown of GPU sales and are reportedly taking measures to minimize the damage. An article over at DigiTimes reports that NVIDIA is forbidding AIBs from publicly promoting mining activities and that they have been decelerating development of new GPU architectures and prolonging their existing Pascal GPU lifespan. DigiTimes also noted that industry sources told them that NVIDIA’s next-generation Turing GPU would not enter mass production until Q3 2018. The report also mentions that AMD is also doing the same platform prolonging, but did not mention anything specific about future GPU architectures.