NVIDIA Unveils Tegra K1 192-Core Mobile Processor at CES 2014 Press Conference


tegraK1_ces2014_00NVIDIA has removed the wraps on Tegra K1, its next-gen mobile processor built on 192-cores. Jen-Hsun Huang teased by mentioning that Tegra 3 was the worlds first dual-core mobile processor and the Tegra 4, the worlds first quad-core, and that the next development would intuitively be built with more cores. Tegra K1s heavily parallel computing architecture is based on the Keplar GPU architecture, which is why NVIDIA avoided naming its next-gen mobile processor Tegra 5.tegraK1_ces2014_07

Jen-Hsun Huang discussed the current state of gaming and professional graphics such as global illumination and how Tegra K1 brings next-generation graphics to mobile devices. A number of graphic demos, particularly Unreal Engine 4 demos were shown on the onscreen Tegra K1 tablet. We’ve got some of the slides taken from the livestream presentation for you to have a look at too.tegraK1_ces2014_01

The Tegra 2 line was the first Dual Core mobile GPU, which was quickly followed by the Tegra 3, a Quad Core mobile GPU. The latest is the Tegra 4, which is capable of dual 1080p video streams. The Tegra 4, is the last GPU in that line. The follow-up to the Tegra 4, is the Tegra K1.

The Tegra K1 bridges the gap between a dedicated GPU core for mobile devices and the GPU for desktops and laptops. It will be based on the Kepler GPU core, making it a powerful mobile solution.tegraK1_ces2014_03

Not only does the Tegra K1 bring the Unreal Engine 4 to mobile devices, it also brings DirectX 11.1 compatibility.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr1NqM8yKYM[/youtube]

tegraK1_ces2014_04 tegraK1_ces2014_05

The Tegra K1 is more powerful than the GPU in the XBox 360 and PS3, and is the next generation mobile GPU. Its capabilities do not stop at Tablets and Cell Phones, it will also be integrated into cars for custom dashboard clusters, and allows car showrooms to show extremely high quality vehicle model changes at the touch of a button.

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