NVIDIA Has Something Super Coming…

NVIDIA has released a teaser video today letting folks know that ‘Something Super is Coming’ here shortly. The brief video shows a metal “super” logo and not much more. The news has many enthusiasts and gamers wondering what NVIDIA is trying to build hype for. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX series of cards was just recently rolled out, so it is doubtful that it is just another video card or the first teaser for the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. A number of hardware sites and channels are running with a rumor that NVIDIA will be doing a Turing refresh soon. The ‘refresh’ would implement faster 16Gbps memory (up from 14Gbps) across some of the models in the GeForce RTX  line. The 14% higher clock speeds would allow for a measurable performance improvement and help NVIDIA pull even further away from AMD’s flagship Radeon VII graphics card.

NVIDIA Super Computex 2019 Teaser

It could also be for something on the NVIDIA SHIELD side of the house. NVIDIA is holding a press conference next week at Computex in Taiwan on May 27 at 2:30 p.m. local time. Odds are that we’ll learn what this new ‘super’ product is during that event that will be streamed for all to watch. We conclude this post by saying that we don’t believe this teaser is dealing with GeForce RTX price cuts that so many have been wishing for as the title would have been “Something affordable is coming” or something along those lines.

We are excited about what NVIDIA will be announcing at Computex 2019 now and can’t wait to learn what this is all about!  Be sure to take a second and post a comment below on what you think it could be! NVIDIA