NVIDIA GeForce 353.12 Hotfix Drivers Released



NVIDIA has released GeForce 353.12 Hotfix drivers that address the G-Sync Windowed mode issue that some users were experiencing. NVIDIA release just 64-bit drivers with the fix and you can find them here. No other changes are in the driver, so most people won’t be needing to update to this release unless they are experiencing this G-Sync Windowed mode issues.

NVIDIA just released Windowed Mode for G-SYNC in 353.06 GeForce Game Ready Drivers, so only a handful of people will be impacted by this change. Windowed mode will allow you to have a tear-free, stutter-free experience whatever your screen mode. This means that you can surf the web, or stream videos in another window playing a game title on the desktop.


To enable windowed G-SYNC simply go to Set up G-SYNC in the NVIDIA control panel, select Enable G-SYNC for windowed and full screen mode, and click the Apply button.