Nvidia Editors Day


NVIDIA’s Editors Day

This past week NVIDIA hosted their third editor’s day in California during what turned out to be a rainy and cloudy week. While we can’t talk about the majority of the stuff we saw, benchmarked, or learned about there is still a plethora of information that we can pass on to enthusiasts.

NVIDIA Editors Day

Nvidia President Jen-Hsun Huang attended the event and soke about the state of the industry. After Jen-Hsun finished speaking he took questions from the press and started the day off on the right foot for everyone. From this point on it was a media free for all, but we managed to put some pieces of the puzzle together for you without breaking any NDA’s or legal restrictions.

Keeping Warm The Enthusiast Way:

Who Needs A Campfire With One Of These Around?

When one thinks of California warm weather instantly comes to mind, but that was not the case recently in San Jose. It managed to drop down into the 40’s and was raining pretty much the entire time the press was at the NVIDIA HQ, but being true hardware enthusiasts everyone found solutions to the problems. We got a chance to work on some Sager 17″ notebooks with NVIDIA Geforce GO 6800 graphics and Intel 3.2GHz-3.8GHz processors that were also found to be great hand warmers. As you can see in the image above some of the press crew was trying their best to keep warm while benchmarking. �

Enough small talk — Let’s get to the good stuff.

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