Nuro’s New Autonomous Delivery Vehicle Carries Up To 500 Pounds


Nuro showing off its third-generation autonomous delivery vehicle designed from the ground up to need no human interaction while in operation. One of its most interesting safety features is an external airbag to help protect pedestrians and bicyclists in an impact. Nuro says its third-generation vehicle will be produced at scale, and the vehicle is completely electric, producing no emissions.

It can carry up to 24 bags of groceries or 500 pounds of cargo in its modular cargo bays. The cargo bays can be heated or cooled across a range of temperatures from 22 degrees Fahrenheit to 116 degrees Fahrenheit. That means you can keep your fresh bread nice and warm while the ice cream stays frozen.

The autonomous vehicle has an array of sensors around its exterior to allow it to see the environment around it and operate safely. Its top speed is 45 mph, and there’s no indication of its driving range. Exactly how long it takes to recharge the vehicle is also unannounced.

Nuro says it will work with BYD North America to produce the vehicle. Production will begin in Nevada and will create 250 jobs when launched. Exactly when production will begin is unannounced.