Nod Labs Announces Wearable Smart Ring With Gesture Control


A startup Nod Labs has come up with a very cool looking gesture-responsive smart ring that could be the next big thing when it comes to wearable tech. The keyboard and mouse have been around for decades and with all the innovations that we have come seen announced in recent years it only makes sense that gesture technology is the future. Last year we tried out the Leap Motion Controller, which was decent, but had a pretty big learning curve for users. The Nod Smart Ring is said to be easy to use and doesn’t need exaggerated movements to work. The Nod also works in conjunction with computers (Windows and Mac), smartphones (iOS and Android), Bluetooth/WiFi enabled light bulbs, Smart TVs, tablets, Roku media players, NEST Thermostats, Google Glass and other technologies. Nod Labs has already created a Swype-like gesture keyboard that hardware and software companies can build into their products; so developers should be able to integrate support for the Nod Smart Ring right away.

The Nod is only available in black and is slightly chunky, but it needs to be the size it is now in order to fit eighty components – including two CPUs. The sensors inside the Nod capable of 32,000 DPI resolution control, so this is a very capable wearable device. From what we can tell the Nod has all the sensors that the Fitbit has, but Nod Labs doesn’t want this to be a health focused device. The tiny battery lasts for about one day of active use and recharges with a micro USB cable. It is also waterproof up to 5 atmospheres or about 169 feet.

Anyone that has bought a wedding ring will know that there are a ton of different ring sizes. Nod Labs will be offering twelve different sizes will be offered, split into four main categories – S, M, L, XL. Each category size comes with a set of three different inserts for fine adjustments. If the Nod that you order doesn’t fit they’ll allow you to exchange it for free.

Check out the video below for Nod Labs video showing off some of the rings key features.

The Nod is available for preorder today, priced at $149. Nod Labs expects the Nod to begin shipping this fall. Could this be the next big thing?