nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wooden HTPC Case

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

nMediaPC HTPC 8000

The HTPC 8000 from nMediaPC is different to say the least. With its almost all wood construction it’s unlike any case I have ever had. With its style being that of something out of the 1940’s it might look a little out of place in most of today’s sleek AV setups. I have had more than one my woodworking nut friends say they loved the looks of it, and I had several people ask me where I got the old radio. That got me thinking that it would be a nice case for a rec-room, man cave, behind a bar, or could even make for a nice garage juke box.

The case itself is very well built, looks nice, and has room for full sized parts. Its shape combined with the way parts are arranged inside of it will make you focus on your wire routing more than you normally would on a standard case, but this is also true for most HTPC cases. With the HTPC 8000 filled up with hardware it made the already heavy case really heavy. If this ends up on a shelf in a cabinet it better be sturdy.

The HTPC8000 can be found for $98 plus shipping, now compared to the price of some other HTPC cases the price seams okay as most sub $100 HTPC cases don’t have them, either. With the LCD it’s another $30 and puts it up in the range of HTPC cases that come with LCDs.

Legit Bottom Line: An off the shelf wooden HTPC case, if you have a need for it nMediaPC has you covered. No need to hit up the local wood worker.

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