Nintendo Switch Prices Soar Thanks to US Shortage

The coronavirus is ravaging most of the world right now, and many people, particularly in the United States, are being forced to stay home. Some are working from home, and some people are home because they’re ill or taking care of a loved one who is sick. With people having more free time on their hands, many are turning to videogames to pass their time.

With production in much the world down significantly, there is a shortage of Nintendo Switch game consoles that has led to limited stock at online retailers. Anytime there’s limited stock means that scalpers start buying up the consoles and then flipping them for exorbitant prices.

On Amazon, third-party retailers are now trying to sell the Nintendo Switch console for $469.99 at a minimum, with the highest price being $549.99. Making matters worse, those prices don’t include free shipping. The Nintendo Switch Lite is also seeing shortages reports Nintendo Enthusiast.

One of the lowest prices on Amazon from a third-party seller is $219.99, up to $299.99. Keep in mind that the Switch usually sells for $299.99. There is a department of justice investigation going on against third-party retailers on Amazon for price gouging during the coronavirus outbreak, but that’s on essential supplies, not game consoles.