Nintendo Switch Lite Case Lands Stateside December 8

Nintendo has a new case coming to the States that was previously only for Japan. The case is for the Nintendo Switch Lite and is called the Flip Cover & Screen Protector. It will land in the US on December 8 for $39.99.

For starters, it will only be offered online, but it will land in retail outlets in early 2020. If you are buying someone on your gift list a Nintendo Switch Lite for Christmas, this case would be a great accessory to go with it. The case is a very thin and minimalist design.

It has no room inside to hold your games or the charger for the system. You will need another bag for that. All this case does is snap onto the console and protect the screen and console itself from damage.

Nintendo is only offering the case in gray fabric color. That is the only real downside for Switch Lite owners with bright colored consoles as the color will be hidden away. The case includes a protective sheet for the LCD screen.