Nintendo and Scrum Ventures are Looking for Startups Making Hardware for Switch

Nintendo has announced that it has teamed up with a venture fund to look for new startups that are making new gear that could improve the Switch console. The program will be run by Scrum Ventures and will search for startups within larger companies or researchers at universities. The fund will specifically be looking for teams working on tools and hardware that could improve the Switch.

The tools that the company will be looking for are things like sensors, chips, components, and other add-ons. If these sorts of startups are identified, Nintendo and Scrum will help the companies bring the products to market. However, neither Scrum or Nintendo plans to invest directly in whatever the startups are making reports Bloomberg.

Nintendo normally works with established companies for hardware components so its willingness to work with startups is a change for the company. Tech from these companies identified could be released under the Nintendo brand or integrated into Nintendo’s own offerings.

The idea for Nintendo is to find tech and ideas that could lead to new gaming experiences on the Switch and help the company continue the strong Switch sales it is currently enjoying into the future. Nintendo has been very successful with the Switch after having bad years with the unpopular Wii U game console.