Nintendo Says Switch Online Service Lands Mid-September

Nintendo is talking up the Nintendo Switch Online service and has finally given a more precise date for when the service will launch. Sadly, it’s not a specific date, but at least the gaming giant has told us a few week span for when the online service will roll out. Nintendo has confirmed that Switch Online will launch in the second half of 2019 reports NintendoLife.

Nintendo wrote in a tweet, “#NintendoSwitchOnline will launch in the second half of September. The service provides access to online play & Save Data Cloud backup in compatible games and a growing library of NES titles with added online” Lots of Switch gamers have been clamoring for some sort of data backup feature.

The issue with not having a backup feature was that if your Switch broke and had to be replaced, you lost all game progress. With cloud saves coming to the online service fans will be able to keep their progress even if a console dies and must be replaced. Another of the things that fans are looking forward to is the library of NES titles to play.

The promise of a growing library means that more games will be added as time passes that fans can play. Previous leaks have hinted that the service would launch towards the end of the month.