Nintendo Labo invites Kids to Combine Switch and Cardboard Creations

Nintendo has introduced Labo, something it calls a new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that are designed to inspire kids and those who are kids at heart. Nintendo Labo works together with the Switch, which is sold separately. Labo kits give the tools needed to make some cool DIY creations and to play games with those creations.

Each of the kits allows kids to transform sheets of modular cardboard that are designed to interact with the Switch into creations called Toy-Con. The kits allow the making of items like a motorbike, robot, and lots more. Nintendo says that as the kids build they will discover how technology works and might invent new ways to play with each of the Toy-Cons.

One of the kits allows builders to make a 13-key piano keyboard that brings music creation to life when the Switch and right Joy-Con controller are inserted. With this kit the IR Motion Camera in the Right Joy-Con detects the pressed key and translates that into a unique note that is heard through the console.

The motorbike kit constructs functioning handlebars with a Joy-Con in each side and the Switch in the middle. Kids can turn on the ignition button and turn the right handle to accelerate and take off on an adventure. Nintendo Labo launched April 20 with two available kits, a Variety Kit and a Robot Kit. Variety kit will cost $69.99 and the Robot kit will sell for $79.99. A Customization Set with stickers, colored tape, and stencils will sell for $9.99.